Congrats SSGT Bryan Byrne

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps
From: Marshal of the Corps Sean Niemeyer, Marshal of the Corps
Re: RMMC Command Triad Awards Announcement November 2018

This list contains the members of the RMMC, who have served with distinction as a member of an RMMC MARDET command triad.

The following individuals are hereby awarded the Queen’s Bravery Medal:
1. Mardet Invictus
a. Col Robert Folden, RMN-1349-13

The following individuals are hereby awarded the Conspicuous Service Medal:
1. MarDet Hector 
a. SSGT Angus Smith

2. MarDet Musashi
a. SSGT Metgyre Senzig

3. MarDet Valkyrie
a. 1st Lt Vernon McIntosh

4. MarDet Achilles
a. CPT Houston McPherson

5. MarDet Werewolf
a. SSGT Bryan Byrne

6. MarDet Hydra
a. 2nd Lt Jim Vaughn
b. SSGT Thomas Tipps

7. MarDet Insurmountable
a. 1st Lt Greg Preast

8. MarDet Andromeda
a. 1st Lt Christina Coonradt

The following individuals are hereby awarded the Meritorious Service Medal:
1. MarDet Heracles 
a. 2nd Lt Donald Burkett
b. FSGT Suzie Bucko

2. MarDet Ajax
a. SMAJ Brad Handley

3. MarDet Demon
a. 2nd Lt Thomas Paukstis Jr.

4. MarDet Invincible
a. MJR Leah Bloodgood
b. COL Bryar Nelson
c. SGT Greg Marchand

5. MarDet Chaos
a. MSGT Jennifer Niles

6. MarDet Barbarossa
a. SSGT David Campbell

7. MarDet Wolf
a. SMAJ Mark Darbe

8. MarDet Black Rose
a. 1st Lt Bill Kohlleppel
b. MSGT Darrin Scholl

9. MarDet Eardsidh Kamerling
a. COL Shawn Merrow

10. MarDet Intractable
a. PSGT Jason Banks

11. MarDet Medusa
a. LtCol William Farley II

12. MarDet Revenge
a. Major Vanessa Gray
b. Captain Markus Dark

13. MarDet Truculent
a. PSGT Jessica Smith-Carlock

14. MarDet Thunderer
a. MJR David Moser
b. SMJR Jeremy Henry

This order effective 03-NOV-18.

In Honour of the Queen!

Issued by: 
Sean Niemeyer, KSK, KDE, KCR, GS 
Marshal of the Corps RMMC
Royal Manticoran Marine Corps
Duke, New Ulyanovsk

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