Royal Manticoran Marine Corps Combat Readiness Program

In an effort to get some Marine Activity inside the MARDET, I would like to propose that we pursue the following:
Royal Manticoran Marine Corps Combat Readiness Program

1. The RMMC Combat Readiness Program is a completely voluntary program that any MARDET may participate in.

2. This program is to be jointly administered by the RMMC Academy at SIA and COMFORCECOM.

Specifics of administering this program shall be determined by the RMMC Academy and COMFORCECOM.


For an MARDET to be eligible for the Combat Readiness Program, seventy-five (75) percent of the Marines in an MARDET must have obtained the either the Enlisted or Officer Space Warfare Pin. A form requesting to have an MARDET considered Combat Ready shall be filled out by the MARDET CO and submitted to the proper authority as determined by the departments running the program, with a courtesy copy filed with the CO of the ship on which the MARDET is stationed. If an MARDET meets the requirements to be considered Combat Ready, they shall be deemed so and a certificate stating such shall be issued to the MARDET CO. Certification is good for one year. Certification for Combat Readiness must be renewed every year. If an MARDET fails to renew or meet the requirements for recertification by their renewal date, the MARDET shall lose its Combat Ready status.

MARDETs that are Combat Ready are authorized to affix to their guidon, a streamer. This streamer shall be one and three-eighth inch hoist by a two-foot fly. Streamers shall be green with gold lettering.

The lettering shall be:


With XX representing the two-digit year. This streamer is permanent and may be displayed even if the MARDET loses certification.

Special Certification:

If an MARDET has obtained Combat Ready status, it may pursue special certification. To be eligible for special certification a MARDET MUST be combat ready in the year which special certification is being requested and have eighty-five (85) percent of the members of an MARDET, need to have completed A, C, and D levels for one of the lines of testing in one or all the following areas:

a. Assault

b. Embassy Guard

c. Heavy Weapons

d. Military Police

e. Recon

f. Rifleman

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